Section Officers Training

Jason Taylor and Eddie Harper attended the 2012 ASNT Section Officers training held at ASNT head quarters in Columbus in July. These seminars provide vital information about the running of the sections, what the reporting requirements are and important contact details within ASNT

Below are the pictures of the previous visit by outgoing chair Stede Marsh in 2010

Is He asleep

The photo shows the Chairman Stede Marsh studying very hard during one of the many courses. This training is designed to help section leaders and with Stede taking over the chair in July it was invaluable..............or is he just having a sneaky nod

The Course

It was decided that with the changes in Chair of the NATL Section that the incoming individuals (Chair and Vice Chair) attend the SLC course at ASNT Headquarters in Columbus.

One sees this as an honour to serve the section as well as meeting our counterparts in the US.
We were faced with two full days of packed sessions of information, terms, conditions, requirements, how to run a section and so on.
A well-developed and informative course.

There were around 18 attendees from various states across the US and the two Brits.
I must say we were welcomed from the start and went on to meet past acquaintances and meet new ones.

The course covered every aspect of running a section and making it work, addressing new members and spreading the word to the outside world about Non Destructive Testing.
What! Yes NDT there are many out there that do not know about NDT, it uses, its application and the need to improve safety.

It is our responsibility to make it known what we do.

In closing, I would like to say that we both enjoyed the course immensely, apart from the late evenings, and thank Betsy and Ruth for the professional organisation.
A great opportunity, Well Done ASNT Columbus.

We both come away feeling a part of ASNT, closer and part of a growing

The downside is the branded clothing, not what Stede was expecting

Nice Shirt

Looking good in the ASNT "T" Shirt