2005 NATL Conference

12th Annual NATL Conference


Bristol, UK

Sponsored by Panametrics-NDT (A division of RD Tech Inc.)

The 12th Annual NATL Conference was held at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK on 23rd March 2005.

There were 12 Exhibitors and over 70 attendees. The 2005 Annual Conference was a change from previous years, not only a new venue, but it was scheduled to follow the ASNT Level III exams at the same centre. From the many e-mails and comments made by delegates and exhibitors, your Board of Directors made a good choice for timing and venue. Your comments are very welcome as it helps NATL to deliver the Memberships wishes and help us to plan future events. Some lessons have been learnt, ie poor sign posting on the campus, and will be remedied for future events.

I would like to thank the University Administrative Staff and Caterers for helping to make the event a success. The food and service was superb.

UWE Bristol

UWE Bristol

Unofficial Start

The conference unofficially started on Tuesday night with delegates, exhibitors and examinees discussing the technical merits of various ales and generally preparing themselves for a busy Conference day. As can be seen in the photographs below people enjoyed getting into the 'Conference' mood.

Conference Day

Conference Day

The Conference day started with the rush at the registration desk, ably manned by Mark Jenkinson, Dave Griffin, Stuart Turner and John Ellis, who signed Delegates in with plenty of time for them to enjoy coffee and biscuits before the main event.

Mark Jenkinson, John Ellis and Dave Griffin manning the Registration Desk.

The Conference started with a welcome from the NATL Chairman, John Whittaker

Conference Sponsor

Conference Sponsor

John Skidmore of Panametrics-NDT.

The Regional Director, Stephen Lavender, welcomed delegates

Conference Chairman, Mark Omrod, who then started the days business by introducing the first speaker, John skidmore of Panametrics-NDT.

Second Speaker

Stephen Lavender of Lavender International who gave a paper entitled 'Certification in Advanced UT Methods to SNT-TC-1A'.

Stephen's presentation covers the work he has been involved with through the Institute’s Working Groups for Time of Flight Diffraction and Phased Arrays which have led to the development of Accredited Training Programmes and PCN and SNT examination modules being created.

The principles of Time of Flight Diffraction and Phased Arrays have been around for many years; only recently, however, has the processing speed of the computer caught up with the requirements of the software programmes to give acceptable presentations of results. Add on to this the ASME VII Code 2235 which allows the use of advanced ultrasonics systems (such as TOFD) to be used in place of radiography,

then the technology started to make its mark in industrial use. With equipment manufacturers taking a key role in promoting the method, there came an increasing need for training and certification programmes.

Back in January of 2000, PCN’s General Technical committee was requested to put together an Examination Programme for Time of Flight Diffraction and a working group was set up comprising experts in this field. A positive advantage for this document was the existence of BS 7706: 1993.

In early 2004 a similar situation arose with respect to Phased Array.

This lecture reviewed the rationale behind the two PCN products which have evolved from these Working Groups and propose how these may be adapted for use within an Employer’s Written Practice.

First Speaker

John Skidmore of Panametrics-NDT. He gave a paper on Ultrasonic ad Eddy Current Phased Arrays.

John discussed the many advantages offered by Ultrasonic Phased array and Eddy Current array technology - the most important being significant improvements in the probability of detection, reductions in inspection times and defect characterisation. He went on to explain these new techniques and how they have been applied in industry.



John Skidmore of PanametricsNDT, RD-Tech.

John Hansen, Dave Crinson and Peter Sinclair on the GE Inspection Technologies Stand.

David Topp of TSC Inspection Systems.