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In-line Inspection Personnel Qualification and Certification


This personnel qualification and certification standard was developed by ASNT and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It was created to establish minimum requirements for qualification and certification of in-line inspection personnel whose jobs demand specific knowledge of the technical principals of in-line inspection technologies, operations, regulatory requirements and industry standards as applicable to pipeline systems.

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ILI Subcommittee

This subcommittee of the SDC has the responsibility to review comments on and objections to ILI-PQ, and to submit proposed revisions to the full committee.

Joe Bartlett, TD Williamson
Craig Brownlee, Oklahoma Natural Gas
Tim Clarke, Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP
Eddie Corvin, Tuboscope Pipeline Services
Maureen Critchfield, Dominion
David. L. Culbertson, El Paso Corporation
Joseph DeCuir, DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations
Rick Desaulniers, CPIG
Sam Grisham, Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc.
Chris Hartnell, Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services
Richard Huriaux, USDOT, Office of Pipeline Safety
Rob Leedham, BJ Pipeline Inspection Services
Keith Leewis, Gas Technology Institute
Alejandro Limon, Rosen, USA
Steve Lopez, UCISCO
Sid B. Nice, Baker Hughes - PMG
Dan Podobinski, Paragon Engineering Services, Inc.
Jerry Rau, CMS Energy
Mike Ruddy, Tuboscope - A Varco Company
John T. Schmidt, Corrpro Companies, Inc.
Mike Stackhouse, Koch Pipeline
Scott Thetford, Pii Pipeline Solutions
Neb Uzelac, NDT Systems & Services AG
Phillip Bennett, AGA
Martin Fingerhut, RTD
Martin Phillips, CC Technologies
Ron Wade, BJ Pipeline Inspection Services