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ASNT Strategic Plan: Pillar #4

Advance the field of nondestructive testing by being an effective advocate

There is low awareness of the nondestructive testing field in the public, media, governments, industries, and organizations. The ASNT Articles of Incorporation specifically state its purpose is to promote public understanding of the importance of nondestructive testing (NDT). We will promote the NDT field through a program of public relations and government relations.

Future Vision

ASNT will be a highly effective advocate, resulting in increased public awareness, favorable perception, and increased interest in careers related to the nondestructive testing field.


Individual membership associations such as ours have developed advocacy game plans which we can learn from. Our advocacy strategy is divided into two areas: public relations (PR) (which includes media relations) and government relations (also referred to as government affairs, or public policy). ASNT will develop an initial PR strategy with the help of a PR firm that specializes in nonprofit public relations. The initial strategy will develop a set of core messages, answer key questions, and respond to media inquiries on our behalf. It will also require recruitment of a cadre of subject matter experts who receive media relations training, so they are prepared to speak on ASNT’s behalf when required (e.g., when a story emerges or when a high-profile incident occurs). This “fast response” system will enable ASNT to effectively respond to critical incidences through the media.

In addition, we will develop a legislative affairs agenda that identifies key members and staffers in Congress or in federal agencies, and in staff offices, with whom we need to develop relationships with to advocate effectively. We do not anticipate engaging in classic lobbying (e.g., influencing specific legislation), although that is not ruled out should the opportunity arise.


  1. Create a “brand representative” who attends events and makes presentations on behalf of ASNT by 31 March 2022.
  2. Create nondestructive testing competitions to be conducted at the Annual Conference and at ASNT sections by 31 March 2022.
  3. Establish a public relations campaign to promote awareness of nondestructive testing and ASNT to the public by 31 March 2022. This will be conducted with a public relations firm.
  4. Organize a cadre of media-trained subject matter experts who can educate the media about NDT and address rapid response issues by 30 June 2022.
  5. Develop a legislative affairs agenda that builds relationships with key members and staffers of Congress, Federal agencies, and staff offices by 31 December 2022.