2024 Board Election

Call for Director Candidates

ASNT is seeking Director at Large candidates that have a strong understanding of the Society, have a strategic mindset, can demonstrate technical competency, and have business acumen with senior-level experience in large, international organizations.
There are four (4) Director at Large seats to fill. Elected Directors will serve a three (3) year term, beginning 1 July 2024.
Board service is a great way to help lead the Society, give back to your profession, and connect with your peers.

Required Competencies

  • Board members must understand the big-picture view of the world and how the NDT field fits within the world. They must be able to imagine a better future for ASNT and be able to convey that future vision to others. Members must have global awareness, including the challenges NDT professionals and ASNT face within and outside of the United States.
  • Board members must understand ASNT's mission, business, stakeholders, operations, history, and culture. They must know why associations exist and be familiar with nonprofit management fundamentals.
  • Board members must know the nondestructive testing field and the industry sectors NDT serves
  • Board members must know how complex organizations work and have project management, financial, marketing, human resource, and/or operational skills.
  • Board members must demonstrate personal ethics and integrity, have effective communication and leadership skills, and work well with others. Must be capable of solving problems and making effective decisions.

Desired Experience

  • C-Suite level experience in a large, international organization.
  • International business experience, particularly in Asian markets.
  • Experience in academia, research, disruptive technology, infrastructure, and/or aerospace.
  • Experience with standards and code-setting organizations.
  • Experience working with advocacy (public relations and government

Read the ASNT Board of Directors Job Description Policy (J-03)    Read the Nominations and Elections Policy (G-01)

Previous ASNT Board experience is not required. If you believe you have the required experience and competencies, please apply. 

The application window is closed.


If you have any questions about the eligibility requirements, application materials, or election timeline, please contact ASNT Board of Directors Secretary at Secretary@asnt.org.

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