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Director Candidate

Joshua de Monbrun

Joshua de Monbrun, CEng, is a Commercial Diving Supervisor, Subsea Engineer, and ASNT NDT Level III in ET, MT, PT, RT, UT, and VT, and has an Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel certification in Gamma and X-Ray. He began his nondestructive testing career in the United States Air Force in 2001, after which he commissioned into the United States Army. After separating from the military, he attended the Divers Institute of Technology’s civilian Commercial Diver training course in 2009, and then on to the University of Rhode Island for their Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering program. Since, de Monbrun has focused his combined experience in engineering, diving, welding, and NDT, to integrate advanced service inspection techniques for subsea and topside applications, including automation and robotics.

de Monbrun has worked throughout the world as a commercial diver and diving supervisor, conducting underwater welding, IRM (inspection, repair, and maintenance), and salvage operations with companies like Tiburon, Oceaneering, Global Diving & Salvage, and Subsea NDT & Engineering. de Monbrun is now a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council and a MInstNDT with the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing; holds degrees in engineering and NDT from the University of Northampton; and holds API, NACE, and AWS CWI certifications.

Currently, de Monbrun holds the position of Technical Authority for MISTRAS Group Inc., and has been instrumental in developing unique inspection programs with their Automated Radiographic Testing (ART) systems worldwide, seeding programs in North America, Europe, and the GCC region (Gulf Cooperations Council). He supports the MISTRAS Regions with research and development of new technologies both topside and subsea; business development and liaison with current and potential clientele; development and administration of company procedures and advanced NDT training; and operational and technical guidance on NDT, asset integrity engineering, and training and certification.

de Monbrun enjoys volunteering with ASNT and has contributed as past Chair of the Alaska Section; current chair of the Underwater NDT Committee; member of the Certification Management Committee and the Ultrasonic Testing and Handbook Development Committees in the Technical and Education Council; and a contributor to many publications.

de Monbrun looks forward to serving on the Board of Directors to bring in new and ambitious ideas and programs to the organization to encourage the growth and participation of the incoming generation of NDT technicians and subject matter experts.

Joshua de Monbrun